About the Birmingham Horror Group

Birmingham International Horrorshow CANCELLED

It is with deep and sincere regret that we have decided to cancel the event due to be held at the Victoria pub on 10 March. A number of separate issues, added together, made it impossible to get everything organised in time, and ticket sales were much lower than anticipated. Our apologies to those who planned to attend, to the film-makers whose work we had hoped to showcase, and to our chosen charity, Diabetes UK. Finally, our thanks to David Mann and his team at the Victoria pub, who have been extremely generous and supportive throughout.

UK Horror Calendar

We’ve launched a guide to UK horror and dark fantasy events, as a free resource for other fans; you can find it here. If you know of a festival, convention or screening we’ve missed, just e-mail us at the address below.

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Interested in the dark fantasy fiction of such writers as MR James, Shirley Jackson and Stephen King? Or perhaps the horror films of George Romero, Sam Raimi and Guillermo del Toro? From The Bride of Frankenstein to It Follows, The Haunting of Hill House to The Books of Blood, The Twilight Zone to Ash vs Evil Dead, the Birmingham Horror Group offers a relaxed forum for all fans of the genre to meet and discuss their favourite writers, artists and film-makers, with occasional special guest appearances from leading creators, such as our honorary president, Ramsey Campbell.

For a map and directions, go to the Venue page.

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E-mail: steve.green@ghostwords.co.uk

You can also contact Steve on 07482 316 509 or via Twitter on @steveghostwords.

Our President

The Legendary Ramsey Campbell

You can read more about Ramsey here.

Ramsey Campbell

Past Activities

The Group’s launch featured in the 3rd December 2015 edition of the Solihull Observer (the article is reproduced here); check out our News & Media page for other coverage.

We were joined at our inaugural meeting via Skype by our hononary president, horror author Ramsey Campbell (check out the video and photographs), and in person at April 2017’s meeting by the fantasy author and genre journalist, Stan Nicholls.

In July, the Group’s activities were showcased in the Big Centre TV show The Big Picture. See here for more information. We’ll be posting the footage online shortly.

Our August meeting focussed in part upon the grand tradition of ‘portmanteau’ horror movies, from Dead of Night and Tales From the Crypt to Creepshow and Trick ‘r Treat. Adding a personal perspective were our special guests, cast and crew from the forthcoming British horror anthology The House of Screaming Death. See here for photographs.

In September, we focused upon the curious cultural attraction of serial killers, both real-life murderers such as Ed Gein and fictional stalkers in the mode of Hannibal Lecter. There’s a photograph here.

Our guest in October was author and publisher David A Sutton, award-winning co-editor of Fantasy Tales and The Pan Book of Horror Stories, who discussed a genre career stretching back to the late 1960s.

For November, our focus turned to the colossal monsters of the movies, from King Kong to Godzilla, Rodan to The Giant Claw. As well as classic trailers, we watched the humourous short Waiting For Gorgo and voted to choose the mightiest monster of all (Kong towered over all rivals).

In December we celebrated the centenary of novelist and essayist Shirley Jackson, author of ‘The Lottery’ and The Haunting of Hill House. It was also the group’s first birthday.

January 2017 saw the group at a new venue, the Gunmakers Arms, where we showcased a selection of short horror movies and local film-maker Carl Timms discussed his zombie comedy Still. You can see the full line-up here.

Our special guest in February was best-selling horror author Adam Nevill, described by The Guardian as “Britain’s answer to Stephen King”. He discussed his latest novel, Under a Watchful Eye, as well as exciting news regarding a film adaptation of The Ritual.

At our March meeting, we screened a HD print of the classic George Romero chiller Night of the Living Dead.

Unfortunately, our meetings in April and May 2017 had to be cancelled. Major refurbishment of the pub building overran the original scheduled and our regular room was no longer available.

The group was relaunched in March 2018, with occasional events rather than a strict monthly schedule. The new run began with our second ‘mini-movie marathon’, an international showcase for independent film-makers.