Birmingham Horror Group, 1st October 2016

Our guest in October was the author and award-winning editor David A Sutton, who discussed a career which began with small press magazines in the late 1960s and has included the launch of Fantasy Tales in 1977, such anthologies as Dark Terrors and his own imprint, Shadow Publishing. David was interviewed by Steve Green, who brought along a 1989 edition of Critical Wave in which he and co-editor Martin Tudor had profiled David and his own editorial partner Stephen Jones. [Photographs by Dave Shakes and Chrissie Harper.]

Birmingham Horror Group, 3rd September 2016

September’s meeting coincided with the anniversary of the birth of Albert DeSalvo, prime suspect for the “Boston Strangler” murders. As a result, we focused upon Society’s curious fascination with serial killers, from the factual (Ed Gein, Ted Bundy, Danny Rolling) through the fictional creations they inspired (Norman Bates, Buffalo Bill, Ghostface) to the outright bizarre and supernatural (Dr Phibes, Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger).

Afterwards, there was a short discussion of the Birmingham Horror Group’s developing plans to run a two-day convention next year, the first Birmingham FearFest.

Above: regulars Ray Holloway, Dave Shakes and Steve Green try to look as normal as possible in a (arguably vain) attempt to distance themselves from the evening’s subject matter. [Photograph by Chrissie Harper]

Birmingham Horror Group, 6th August 2016

For its August meeting, the Birmingham Horror Group focussed upon ‘portmanteau’ movies, from Dead of Night and Black Sabbath through Tales of Terror and Vault of Horror to Creepshow and Trick ‘r Treat. Adding their own perspective were crew and cast members from the forthcoming feature film The House of Screaming Death, in which the mysterious ‘Architect’ (played by Ian McNeice, known to genre fans for From Hell and Day of the Dead) links a series of bizarre tales set in a Midlands country house.

Top left: actors Cameron Moon and Liz Burden join elusive writer-director Dave Hastings in a discussion with two other visitors.
Top right: fellow writer-director Troy Dennison, who also appears on screen.
Lower left: another shot of Cameron, Liz and Dave.
[Photographs courtesy of Giles Logan and Jo Kendrick]