Birmingham Horror Group, 6th August 2016

For its August meeting, the Birmingham Horror Group focussed upon ‘portmanteau’ movies, from Dead of Night and Black Sabbath through Tales of Terror and Vault of Horror to Creepshow and Trick ‘r Treat. Adding their own perspective were crew and cast members from the forthcoming feature film The House of Screaming Death, in which the mysterious ‘Architect’ (played by Ian McNeice, known to genre fans for From Hell and Day of the Dead) links a series of bizarre tales set in a Midlands country house.

Top left: actors Cameron Moon and Liz Burden join elusive writer-director Dave Hastings in a discussion with two other visitors.
Top right: fellow writer-director Troy Dennison, who also appears on screen.
Lower left: another shot of Cameron, Liz and Dave.
[Photographs courtesy of Giles Logan and Jo Kendrick]